12.31.13A New Year !!!!

it's been a long time since i wrote something ....
i wish everyone a year full of Love ... Joy .. Good Health .. & Happiness

01.22.13Fela is Back on the Road !!!!!!

hey y'all Fela is coming to a city near you ... go to felaonbroadway.com & check out the tour dates .... see y'all soon .. Much Love

12.26.12a new year is here ....

hey y'all ... 2012 is almost over and it is time to let your family & friends know how much they mean to you ... please take care of yourself & have the best New Year you can have ..... Much Love

07.02.12It Is HOT AS H*LL !!!!

hey y'all please take care to stay cool & out of the heat the best you can ... Shit ain't no JOKE !!! Now Fela is back on Broadway for 1 month from July 9 - Aug 4 ..

04.05.12My Birthday 45 today

i have lived half of my life so far ... it's been a wonderful journey up to now ... the next years will be absolutely incredible i am so excited about what is too come .. great music a beautiful wife... i can not wait ..i have 2 new CD's coming out so please for them one is the Afro Horn & the other one is Grass Roots .. both are kick ass !!! be well y'all and please take care of yourself .. until next time

Much Love

10.17.11Fela on tour in the U.S.

hey y'all .. been a long time .. i've been on tour with Fela .. we toured Europe last summer .. we are touring the U.S. from Sept 2011 - June 2012 ... go to felaonbroadway.com for dates .... please be well y'all .. Much love

10.31.10The Band is HOT !!! Ismael Kouyate

it's 4:58am just got back from a Halloween gig with this new band ... Afro Funk !!! it was smokin' just our first concert of many ... many ... more .. I hope everyone have a wonderful fall season .. talk at y'all soon ... Much Love

02.01.10Fela y'all ....

just wanted to say a few words ... Fela is kickin' ass come check it out ... holla at y'all later .... Much love


i want to wish everyone a happy holiday season filled with lots of Love .. Joy & Happiness .... Much love

10.12.09Fela !!!! is on Broadway

ok y'all.... Fela @ the Eugene O'Neill theater 230 49th st NYC .. get your tickets now !!! check out felaonbroadway.com

08.06.09Fela !!!!

hey y'all .. it's been a long time .. a lot of good things have been happening like my co -leaded group Organ Nation ... a Organ Quartet that's plays music of the spirit it is so wonderful to play with this group the cats r : DD Jackson Organ : Brandon Lewis Drums : Walt Szymanski Trumpet : Alex Harding on Baritone Sax ... u can listen to us go to the listen section and check it out .... And now Fela is coming to Broadway !!!! we start rehearsals on Sept 8th & i'll let y'all know when we start pre-views & the opening will be sometime in late Nov .... i'm so happy to be apart of this wonderful show .... be well & talk 2 u y'all soon .. Much love

11.10.08YES WE CAN !!!!

OBAMA baby ..... he is our president ..The sun just came out & it feels so good .....

09.02.08Fela !!!!

opening night is here September 4th 7 pm .... the show is HOT!!!!! not 2 be missed

07.29.08Fela !!!!

hey y'all the Fela show is going to be KILLIN' .... believe me Bill T Jones is a bad ass !!! previews Aug 8 - Sept 3 ... the show run from Sept 4 - 21 ... 37 Arts 450 W 37 st NY NY .... get your tickets now !!!1

06.05.08Summer is here ...

hey y'all it's been a few months .. i hope y'all are well ... the first part of the year was so so slow there was very little work ... not nice at all ... but April & May were good .. : o ) the rest of the year looks great .... i'm about to start this show June 16th - Sept 21st with the Bill T Jones dance company a tribute to Fela Kuti .... The Afro-Pop King it's going to be killin' .... Dancers .. a 9 piece band .. the works ..... i'll keep y'all posted .... be well & talk 2 y'all later ... Much love .. : o )

04.21.08Spring is here !!!!!

hey y'all ... it's been along time .... the winter was so slow but the flowers are in bloom & the weather is turning warm .... i'll have more to say soon .... be well & Much Love .... : o )

12.26.07where did the year go ???

hey y'all ... it's Xmas this year went by so fast ... i hope it was a year filled with Love .. Joy .. & Happiness .... have a wonderful Holiday Season y'all ... i got some nice concerts coming up next year i'll keep y'all posted ... Much love ... : o )

12.01.07i'm in jordan

hey y'all .. hope all is well ... i was in Milan last week & now i'm in Jordan to perform at someone's 70th birthday party .... having a kick ass time . be home on the 4th ... be safe y'all .. Later ... : o )

11.09.07it's getting cold !!!

what's up y'all ... here in NYC & it's getting cold outside ... I'm going to be in Milan with Elliott Sharp for one concert on Nov 26 .. so if your in the area come on by ... & I'm going to Jordan for one concert on Dec 2 .. Sweet !!!! never been there so I'm looking to go ... it's becoming Winter y'all so put on your long underwear & keep warm ...... be safe y'all ... later .. : o )

09.21.07On Tour Elliott Sharp !!!!

hey y'all ... it's me here on tour in Europe .. the music is killin' ... the band is tight !! but the road can be a little hard .. but i love it ... holla at y'all later .. be well ... Much love .... ; o )

check for dates in your town ...

08.16.07Max Roach

some very sad news .... the great Max Roach died this morning in his sleep ... a sad day not just for musicians but for the human race .... the man was a wonderful human - being ... i knew him & i will miss him ... that's all i'm going to say ... my heart is in pain ....

03.16.06New CD " The Calling" Blutopia

I have a killin' new Cd " The Calling " it sounds great ...
it's on Jazzaway Records ...

03.15.06Live Radio show

u can check out the live radio performance i did in Detroit this past weekend (sunday)... it's on WDET FM .. it was really nice.. let me know what y'all think.. I have some up coming gigs .. i'll keep y'all posted... : O )